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Coldstar have been pioneers and leaders in the manufacture of commercial kitchen equipments more than a decade, Coldstar offers complete range of products on world class research and development and rich experience. Coldstar products incorporate leading technology and are manufacture at state-of-the-art plants in accordance with international standards.
Coldstar, as the name suggest is formed by professionals associated in the field creating and providing commercial solutions of refregeration and food-serving products.
The organization is one of the market leader in the restaurant, industrial canteen, hospitality, flight catering units, boarding schools, star and budget hotel segment, resorts and corporate sector.

Business Verticals

Coldstar brings to India a range of international refrigeration, freezing and food-serving products to serve and provide solutions for Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, ice creame and breverages, malls, food- retail and health care segments, enabling its customers into upgrade their business.

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